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"Do we get to choose our own music?"

All of our wedding videos are produced with licensed music. We choose from various classical and cinematic scores by a number of highly talented artists and musicians. The soundtrack used is an essential piece to carry the film and sometimes that process of selection can take days to find one that fits just right. We’ve selected the songs for all of our couples and ask that you trust our judgement and allow us to make the best creative decisions that will make the biggest impact on your overall wedding video. We want your video to be timeless and music can be the first thing that dates a film.


"I get anxiety over the thought of being on camera, help!"

It may sound strange but I know exactly what you feel like, being on camera can be intimidating or a source of anxiety for many (myself included) which is why my approach is the way it is. You won’t see me carrying large cameras around, big microphones, excessive tripods or even doing much directing at all. I will often appear to be just another guest. I want you to simply enjoy your wedding day and after a few moments you won’t even notice I’m there. Whatever your idea of what a wedding videographer looks like, that’s probably not how I’ll look.


“Do you offer photography?”

I do not currently offer photography, however I do know a handful of very talented photographers that I can introduce you to if you are looking, happy to do that.


“What kind of weddings do you have experience

in filming?”

I have experience filming wedding videos for a variety of cultures and variations including Greek, Jewish, Lebanese, Catholic, Christian, Indian and Persian weddings as well as hybrids where some traditions from each are pulled into one ceremony. Having filmed over 120 wedding videos in my career I have yet to find a wedding that I wasn’t able to capture appropriately.


"What if my wedding isn’t local to Washington DC?"

While the DC metro area is home to me, we can film anywhere domestically or internationally. Destination’s often come with unique set of challenges compared to local ones. Depending where your wedding is, will require specific planning to make sure the challenges are met appropriately. Destination events are often priced according to location and will be custom built on a number of factors that we’ll only know after further discussion.


“Do you need to visit the venue prior to our

wedding day?”

Simply put, no. My approach to filming weddings is story based and people based, two things that are absolutely paramount in my films. As beautiful as your venue will be, it will serve as a backdrop to my images. You’ll notice that I incorporate clips of the venue as scene setting shots which display the venue in all its glory and find ways to capture those establishing moments during the wedding day itself rather than needing extra time days before.

Pricing is determined by a number of factors & vary from business to business. First, the experience that we offer, then our experience that we have in the wedding industry, our technical skills in operating a camera(s), audio, lights and editing, all the way down to our demand as a professional. In addition to this, a our expenses can be anywhere between $15,000-$30,000 wrapped up into our gear and overall business needs such as subscriptions to various video hosting accounts, online servers for backing up loads of footage to having insurance for all of the gear. After filming is done, we use our artistic and creative skills to develop a story along with music discovery. The editing process for a skilled wedding videographer is intense and requires skills that are hard to find. Editing takes hours upon hours to complete. There are of course other aspects of the business that require time and skills but these are some of the major components to how pricing is determined.


"What goes into the cost for

wedding videography?"


"If you're there 8 hours,

will I receive 8 hours of footage?

Surprisingly a lot of people think this, and I can understand why. Experienced videographers know when to press record and when not to. Someone just starting out is afraid of maybe missing something so they'll record every moving thing and end up with a ton of footage that doesn't tell the couples story. Experienced videographers know when moments are happening, know when it's not necessary to film at certain times. We are surely not rolling non stop the moment we arrive. I am very intentional with what I film, and won't press record unless I have a pretty good feeling that what I'm getting is quality in every sense of the word. Knowing when and when not to film expedites the entire post process which results in a better overall product & experience. In addition to filming the moments, we are also moving from location to location, setting up in multiple locations, handling lighting, audio and doing a number of other things throughout the day that all come together to make an incredible film.

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