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California Wedding Videographer // Nicole and Chandler

Wow..Where do I begin.

It all started one evening, I was contacted by Nicole who said she fell in love with my work and had to have me come film her intimate wedding in California. Funny thing is, Nicole nor Chandler had any connection to California. They were both from the Nashville area, had never even been to Northern California but decided why not make a memorable trip out west!

California has a special place in my heart. I've spent months there all along the coast from San Diego to Sacramento. So naturally when Nicole says she wants me to come out there I had to figure out a way to make that happen.

I began thinking about how I could make this film. No guests, no family, no reception. Quite different than a traditional wedding but I had to make a great film regardless of those missing factors. Thats when I decided to make it more into a travel/wedding film. Adding an intro that highlights the fact that Sonoma County was a destination for everyone.

I emailed Nicole and encouraged her to have me come film the day prior exploring the coast. Given that it was their first time I knew they would want to go see stuff, so we arranged that I would tag along and capture the day. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Having that footage is so great for the video and I'm so thankful that Nicole was on board to letting me join them for the day.

Nicole and Chandler got married at Hamel Family Wines in Sonoma County California. One of the nicest vineyards in the area, completely private. The Hamel family (yes the Hamels are still a part of the day to day operations) were so kind and easy to work with providing everything that we needed. Nicole's prep was done on their Ranch House which she had all to herself with incredible views. The light in there was incredible (as all California light is).

Now keep in mind, the wedding day was in the middle of all of the California wildfires and we escaped the smoke filled skies by 2 days and when we left, the smoke came back. To say we were incredibly blessed is an understatement.

The day could not have been better, Nicole and Chandler could not have been any more kind and easy to work with throughout the day. I would go back and film that day over and over.

If you are thinking of having a California wedding, check out Hamel Family Wines. Full vendor list below

Madeline Shea Photo Photography

Blush Beauty Styling Makeup and Hair

Beija Flor Botanicals Flowers

Married By Stevi Officiant

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