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A Private Estate Wedding Video // Amissville Virginia

I knew this wedding was going to be special from the very beginning. There's just something about private estate weddings that interest me. It might be that the location is a special place to the couple. Maybe it's the history of the venue. It could be the privacy factor. Often times the location belongs to the family which holds even more value than simply a venue that you would rent.

Hitt 'm Back Farm was just that. A family farm that dates back for years and years, Avery's home. Avery's father is a contractor and worked tirelessly on getting the property in proper condition to have and hold the wedding. Significant landscaping throughout and even adding on additional wings to the original home to expand the size including an infinity pool in the back.

Avery and Paul were planning their dream wedding, then the worst happened. Covid. They weren't going to let Covid stop them. Planning continued and the wedding was still happening albeit smaller than originally thought. All the vendors came out to support and make wedding #1 as special as it could be. I mention wedding #1 because they postponed the full size wedding a full year into 2021.

Jen with SOCO wedding planning was absolutely incredible. She helped get all the details together, missing absolutely nothing. We did a gender reveal/rehearsal event the Friday before the wedding, where a helicopter flew by and released colored smoke. This was a surprise for everyone attending and was an incredible part to their story as a couple.

Saturday started off as smooth as anything. grabbing detail shots and prep moments alongside KT Merry, who I've admired for so long. We naturally moved towards a first look with Paul where they read some personal vows/readings to one another, you see this moment in the film above.

After spending some time on the property grabbing portraits we got situated for the ceremony which was in a beautiful spot on property. The band was there playing with a harp, a grand piano and strings as Avery arrived in a non traditional way, from the front and by horse and carriage in a true princess fashion. This had fairy tale written all over it.

Private estate weddings allow you do so some unique things that maybe otherwise you wouldn't be able to do or get away with. We were able to fly drones, helicopters, have a horse and carriage, shoot fireworks etc. The night ended with dueling pianos and special performances highlighting some of Avery's favorite songs and compositions, one being the Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and the Beast, performed by Elan Artists.

Overall the wedding was a huge success and Avery could not have been more thrilled with the film. One that I am truly proud of.

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Planning: SOCO

Photography: KT Merry

Music: Elan Artists

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