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A Red Fox Inn Wedding in Middleburg Va

Taylor and Cole got married at Red Fox Inn in Middleburg Virginia. They chose to have a rather intimate wedding ceremony where closest family and friend both attended and performed the ceremony. Taylor's Mom's best friend and close family friend was the officiant while also incorporating a few other key people in their life to do some readings.

Taylor got ready with her closest girls spending the last little bit upstairs in privacy with her sister and Mom. I was able to sneak her away to have her read her vows to Cole. This immediately brought tears to her eyes and you can tell she meant every last one of them. The imagery during this moment was so powerful. A quiet dark corner where the light enveloped her while she reflected on the words she wrote and the words she would soon speak directly to Cole only moments later.

Cole was down the road with his guys, similar to Taylor we were able to pull him aside while asking his friends just outside to be quite while we captured this moment of his words to he soon to be bride.

They were ready to see one another.

The first look was a challenge, while in a nice scenic section of the grounds at Red Fox, there was a bubbling water fountain that was very loud in the audio which made me glad that I captured them reading these earlier in the day in a controlled environment. The visuals of this vow exchange and first look was amazing, stunning and emotional.

The ceremony was held in the open garden space and although the sun was running from us, we managed to get everything in before darkness hit. Cocktails and reception was held indoors on the first floor where there are low ceilings, the tables lit by candlelight. An intimate scene which fit perfectly for the days events.

This is one of my favorite films, the raw emotion. The visuals. The couple.

Elizabeth Carberry team was so on it for the duration of this wedding. Friendly and calm and got things done when they needed to be done. A dream wedding planner for both wedding videographers as well as photographers.

Shelly Pate and I have worked together a few times now and each time is a complete joy. Shelly's eye and attention to detail while capturing organic moments and timeless treasures is impressive. This is what you want when looking for a photographer. People are always curious about the relationship between a videographer and photographer on a wedding day. Working alongside Shelly is so easy and I would believe she would say the same thing about me. Its natural and fun which makes the day go by so easy.

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