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A Virginia Wedding Videographer // Julia and Conor at Foxchase

Located in Virginia, at a private estate, Julia's family's property was this amazing wedding blending cultures and backgrounds. When driving through Virginia you will see densely populated areas but once you pass though and get to the countryside, you'll see majestic mountains, spacious land and farms.

Julia's home looked like it was picked from Tuscany and dropped in Virginia. The art that was spread out throughout the home to the spacious land and horses and architecture it transports anyone who visits. While this wedding was somewhat local for me, it felt as if I was somewhere far away....and that was special.

Private estate weddings are unique, always one of a kind, and provide that somewhat intimate feel and a truly tailored experience for everyone. Designed and planned by Sweet Clementine Events everything was thought of and carefully curated. Blending cultures/religious backgrounds can have it's challenges but with Hillary, the owner of Sweet Clementine at the helm there was not a thing to worry about.

With the spacious property, both Julia and Conor got ready at different houses with their respective bridal party. Julia at one house which seemed like it was part museum slipped into her dress that she got from Lovely Bride in DC. No first look kept things traditional with Julia seeing Conor for the first time as she walked down the driveway made aisle. With her dad in one arm and flowers from Le Printemps in the other, Julia made her way down to meet Conor for the first time with special music by Broadside Band who are incredibly talented and kept the party going all night long all the way up to the surprise fireworks. The ceremony which blended both Jewish and French tradition made for another unique experience for guests and vendors alike.A truly special day and one I won't forget. Working alongside Emily Blumberg is always a joy, her positive attitude and eye for capturing those special moments in photos makes working a wedding that much easier. Main Event Caterers provided incredible dinner service for all the guests, a team that executes flawlessly every time and helps create that special experience. Dinner was held under a tent in classic form for any private estate event. Seeing a tent by Skyline Tent Company is a great way to know you're in good hands and at an event that is special.

A lot of really fun moments, and style woven throughout.

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