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An Annapolis Wedding Videographer // Catherine and Matt at the Waterfront

While I find myself often navigating the busy streets of Washington DC for weddings, there's something refreshing about filming at "home", Annapolis Maryland.

I've frequented the Annapolis streets since high school and still find myself going to this day. There is something about the history, the shops, the Naval Academy that sits on the city's edge along the water, and of course the sailboats that sprinkle your view as you look over Eastport Bridge.

When Catherine and Matt's wedding came up, I was all for it. Not only are the two of them among the most low-key, easy going people I've ever met, but also the most kind and gentle spirited people as well.

Cat and Matt's wedding was organized by Adriana Marie Events, an icon in the Annapolis Maryland event industry. Adriana is one or two steps ahead at all times and made sure every last detail was thought of all while having a smile on her face.

Cat and Matt's wedding was the last wedding of the season for me in 2020. Bittersweet but I couldn't have asked to end on a higher note and makes me look forward with such positivity for next year to begin. Working alongside the South Florida based photographer Renee Hollingshead as she effortlessly takes stunning photography throughout the day also made things a delight. Renee often finds herself bouncing between Maryland and various destinations throughout the year and it's always a treat to see her.

Creating this film was special, I wanted there to be a sense of wonder, intrigue, elegance and emotion. this comes with a perfect blend of narrative selection woven throughout, with music choice, sound design, colorgrading and pacing. Many of the shots in the film were deliberate and intentional bold decisions, something I challenge myself with film after film.



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