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Annapolis Wedding Videographer // Carrie and Kyle

Carrie and Kyle both wanted to capture their wedding on film because they understood the importance that film has both for reliving their wedding immediately after the wedding and sharing it with those who couldn't make it but they also valued what video can have years and years down the road. In ten years, being able to go back and watch the video again and show children what the day looked like, and not only what it looked like but actually seeing people interacting with one another, crying, smiling, hugging, dancing.

Carrie and Kyle spend their time traveling when they can, from between Maryland and Michigan (where Carrie's family is from and where she grew up) to their favorite state, California. California is a favorite of their's because thats where they first met, had their first date at Disneyland. Traveling overseas is something they are getting more comfortable with. So far Iceland and Mexico are checked off the list, but eventually Europe will make its way into the lineup. When they're not traveling, they love just spending time with each other and their French Bulldog, Elvis.

Kyle proposed to Carrie in Chicago. He surprised her with a flight out to "visit friends". Immediately when they landed, they drove into the city and had to "kill time" before they met with their friends. Once some time had passed, Kyle popped the question and literally couldn't speak because he was so emotional. Forget the emotional words, literally between sniffing and barely forming actual words, Carrie got the message and said yes!

Carrie and Kyle chose Chesapeake Bay Foundation because it was in Annapolis and one of the few places that allowed or even had beach front property for weddings. Carrie grew up on Lake Michigan and has lived a life of sailing and water, so it made sense to have it on the beach with toes in the sand. Chesapeake Bay Foundation was the perfect place for a wedding, enough room for their intimate gathering of family and friends. The weather was perfect. The day began with rain and clouds, the rain stopped and immediately as Carrie walked down the aisle the clouds parted and the sun came out, it was pretty magical!

Many of the guests mentioned that it was one of their favorite weddings. It was low key, comfortable, and everyone had one hell of a time!

Images by Megan Gielow

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