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Do I Even Need a Wedding Videographer?

This is a common question that many couples will ask themselves once they begin their wedding planning. There are a lot of things that automatically get added to the list of "must haves" such as flowers, linens, invites, caterer, DJ or band, photographer BUT video is that one thing that most people seem to sway back and forth on.

I get it.

I really do.

Wedding video's have this weird stigma about them. I think people automatically think about their parents video, or even a video that was shot 10 years ago and think "yeah, I'm good" meanwhile the advancements of video technology as of the last 5-7 years has been astronomical. The videos that are able to be produced today by wedding videographers would have been impossible 10 years ago. I don't expect everyone to know that or to keep up with the latest camera release that has significantly more dynamic range or what plugins or presets are now available. So forget about all the technological jargon and let's go back to the basics. Video.

Everyone loves video. When I want to wind down at the end of the night, I flip on the tv to catch the latest Live PD episode. We find ourselves immersed in video entertainment, film, movies, YouTube, Vimeo. Maybe we don't realize it but we love the way shows and movies are filmed, produced, directed as well as the story that is being told.

When I was growing up, camcorders were kind of in and they were bulky and not very easy to edit with so a lot of times we just found ourselves having to stop recording and begin again whenever we needed cuts made to a music video that we would put on. Now I can do that on my iPhone and throw a filter on top and upload it online in 10 minutes and call it a day. The point is this, video is at a new height, the expectations are higher than they've ever been, what can be achieved is very impressive even for beginners, so it's time for this stigma to be over. Of course there will always be "those" companies around that might still be filming with over the shoulder cameras or still delivering video on a DVD but what's more important is that there are companies that deliver high quality, artistic wedding films that could rival motion pictures from Hollywood.

Imagine after you're married you had not only a wedding video, but a piece of art that you could watch, and literally place yourself back into the day. The ability to watch smiles form on the faces of your loved ones, watching the embrace you first had with your spouse after that first look. Watching yourself cry as you see your partner come down the aisle for the first time and what that means. Pictures definitely have their place and can do this too! I printed out dozens to hang in my home and to give to my parents. I absolutely LOVE mine (thanks Morningwild!) Seriously go check out Megan Gielow with Morningwild she does some breathtaking work

The one other thing that is amazing is the ability to go back and watch all of the raw clips, exactly how they were shot out of camera, no frills, no edits. I love being able to just watch it like an old home movie, I suppose it's a bit nostalgic, but hearing the jokes, laughing now at what I thought was a huge concern of mine, seeing the real gritty moments for what they are and for what they were.

So let's go back to the title of this, do you need a videographer?

Need? Probably not, need is a strong word. I also don't need coffee every morning but I REALLY like it. To be quite honest there is a high chance you will feel regret if you don't, and unfortunately you only get one wedding (hopefully) and time and time again I hear that the couples that do in fact choose video that it was the best decision they made. They realize the immense value it has down the road, for relatives that couldn't make it, for grown children to watch, to remind them every anniversary of what that one special day was like. Memories can fade (I have a horrible memory) but video can take you right back and make you feel all the feels all over again. Now wouldn't you say thats a pretty good deal? I would and I'd hate to feel regret that I didn't invest in capturing one of the most important days of my life meanwhile spending too much money on things like linens that no one will remember or care about.

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