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Washington DC Wedding Videographer // Phil and Kellen

One of the first things that Phil and Kellen mentioned on the phone was that they really appreciated the level of detail that they observed in my wedding videos and that they wanted to incorporate LA vibes for their intimate DC wedding. This is something that I strive to do on a personal level and to hear that others see it and appreciate it meant everything. Phil said he wanted a video that felt like a film, not like your typical wedding video. I was eager to get started because I knew that I could do that for him and Kellen.

Their day was to start at The Line Hotel in DC where they two of them would get ready together. The Line set them up in a stunner of a suite that was rooftop and overlooked the skyline of DC with a center view of the Washington Monument. The interior design was perfect and really reflected both Phil and Kellen's personal taste. Design was huge for them which is why they went with Emily Baird who designs incredible stationary and branding to design for them custom posters that tell the incredible story of their journey together for the guests to see at the reception.

Once prep wrapped up at The Line, we headed for the Spanish Steps where the wedding would be held. This is a quiet place nestled in between two DC streets with a fountain and beautiful trees that envelope the staircase. This was a perfect private spot to get married. Officiated by Phil's sister and their newest French Bulldog puppy as the "ring bearer" it couldn't have been more special.

Ryan Greenleaf, their wedding photographer and crew headed out immediately for portraits around DC and what better place than the Supreme Court. An iconic place in DC especially when it comes to same sex weddings and many other decisions, we had to stop here for some content before heading to Maketto for cocktail hour and reception.

If you haven't been to Maketto, it's this really unique spot that has a coffee bar, is a kitchen, but combines it with records, art, and fashion. This blend was absolutely perfect for Phil and Kellen. Complete with a shoe wall and showcases for their own custom prints. Emily Butler of Karson Butler Events made this place spectacular for their wedding. Champagne flutes mixed into the decor, custom prints, furniture, menu cards etc, every detail was thought of and made the small space perfect for an intimate DC wedding. Emily took care of them at every level and making sure all the guests were taken care of.

All of their local friends were able to attend. While they weren't able to have their full guest count they are planning on having the full wedding out in California next year. This special intimate wedding was just what they wanted, to tie the knot as husbands for life and not to let COVID get in the way of their love for each other. Honored to have had the opportunity to capture this moment in their lives.

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