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Meet You at Ocean House

Weddings are amazing.

They are seemingly similar yet so unique at the same time.

Weddings happen down the street, they happen across the country and all across the world. One of the benefits of weddings and creating art is that people begin to notice what you are doing. Stand out, be unique, become an alternative in the market.

I recently had an opportunity to film for a couple up in Watch Hill Rhode Island. They saw what I was doing, embraced it and asked if I could come up to capture their wedding. It was a no brainer for me. Expanding my craft and exploring new places at the same time?! Say less.

Victoria and Lyman were the perfect laid back, chill couple that allowed me to simply do what I do. This is such a freeing feeling, to be set free to capture and create how I see things, what I felt in the moment, what I observed to be important and meaningful. Editing this film I felt like it just pieced itself together. Between the environment and the personalities of not only the couple but the guests and also the photographer, I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

This was my first wedding with Larisa Stinga and it was a natural fit from the very beginning. We had talked briefly on Instagram leading up and were both excited to work together. The morning of the wedding me and Nate my second shooter and Larisa and her second shooter met up for breakfast. This was a nice casual way to meet and greet before the day began. Something I might try to do more often when in a new area with new photographers. Larisa does incredible work. She is based mostly in Martha's Vineyard but travels where she needs for the couples that value her. If you haven't seen her work, you have to check her out, insanely talented.

Can't wait for more opportunities back in Watch Hill and Rhode Island. Until then I'll keep coming back to this film and watching it over and over and over.

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