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Moments Linked Together / A DC Wedding Videographer

"Moments linked together are the building blocks of time..." The poem written by "Pop Pop Skip" the grooms Grandfather who wrote poems for friends and family was read during the ceremony. Such a beautiful poem that really held so much meaning and emotion and truth about life.

Lauren and Alex are some of the most kind souls you'll ever meet. Prep during the day started in Bethesda just a short drive from Congressional Country Club at Laurens Aunts home. Beautiful window light throughout the home was perfect for filming. Casual atmosphere filled with laughter and conversation as Lauren and her girls got ready for the day. One of the best moments was when Lauren had her reveal with all her bridesmaids and to watch as all their faces lit up with joy.

A quick trolley ride to a community fountain where Lauren and Alex met for their first look, a special place that was commemorated to Laurens grandfather. Incorporating special places for things such as a first look is such a great idea when thinking about locations. Your photos and video will have much more meaning than just random spots. Take a few moments and consider where might have more meaning while still offering a beautiful backdrop to your photos. The bridal party joined in the trolley and we headed to a country road to take photos. This was perfect because the part was so large that it allowed us to have the space we needed, even if we had to keep moving for cars!

Congressional Country Club is such a great place for a wedding. I've filmed there numerous times and every time is a blast. The scenery of the pristine golf course is awesome mixed with the architecture of the club itself almost places you somewhere in Europe. The patio is perfect for ceremony and cocktails while the dinner and reception space is finalized.

Marriage and Mimosas works at Congressional as their main event planner and does an incredible job. No detail is left undone. Her team was quick to the rescue when we took a goft cart out for photos and Laurens dress got wrapped around the tire of the cart. her dress was ripped pretty significantly but was able to be sewn up in a jiffy. Lauren was SUCH a good sport about it and did not let it ruin her day at all. She ended up being able to laugh about it and carry on which is the key to remember when little things might have a way to cause a disruption in your wedding day. You can't control what happens but you can always control how you react and how you let it affect your mood. Your wedding day is special, fun and full of love from everyone around you. When something pops up that you didn't plan on, just let it go and allow those around you (your vendors, planners etc) to take care of it.

As you can see, Lauren and Alex had THE BEST day and I can't wait to watch them grow as a couple.

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