• 87andsmith

Top wedding photographers in Washington D.C.

So, you just got engaged. Everyone is cheering and crying and posting photos to social media, then the thought hits. Maybe you have been planning this since you were 7 years old or you just realized, "oh shit..I have a lot to do now. "

There are a lot of checklists that exist online from The Knot, to Wedding Wire, to your favorite bridal magazines it can be overwhelming but at the same time there is a wealth of knowledge out there and while they may be a bit different from one another, they all cover the same types of things, so no worries there.

The worry comes when the checklist simply says "Hire a Planner" "Hire a caterer" "Hire a videographer" ;) "Hire a photographer" Because folks, WHERE. DO. YOU. BEGIN.

Let me guess. First reaction is either call up your friends and ask who they used OR use your best friend Google.

Well when it comes to photographers, let me help by suggesting who I've found to be the best wedding photographers in Washington D.C. There are so many good choices that the best way to make a selection is to reach out and see who you vibe with the most, because they'll be around all day, you'll be communicating with them numerous days before and after...The list below is in no particular order.


Abby Jiu, and her other lead shooter Lisa Ziesing are incredible. I have worked alongside Abby and Lisa countless times over the years. Abby has been featured in numerous publications, magazines and articles, has photographed celebrities and has traveled frequently internationally. The Abby Jiu team is a joy to work with, treat their couples very well, goes above and beyond and are so genuine. Abby's personality and professionalism partnered with incredible photos is why she immediately came to mind. Abby is always present on her social media, involved in the wedding community, offering tips and tricks and advice that has lead her to being one of the best in DC over the course of her career. Oh and she shoots film which is pretty dope.


Meet Sarah Bradshaw, Extremely talented, crisp clean images. Sarah loves stories, loves telling YOUR story. She is a joy to work with on a wedding day. Professional, authentic, joyful person to be around. She takes her job very seriously meaning she will make sure you are taken care of, full of grace. Sarah is focused on her couples, getting to know them personally and simply providing them her best. You can't go wrong with Sarah.


Liz y'all, If you like that editorial style, Light and airy, dream like photo, she's got it. Liz is super fun to work with, has a great eye for details and creates stunning photographs. I've had the pleasure of working alongside her a few times and look forward to it every time. Liz is spunky and fun and so is her second shooter which happens to be her husband which is totally cool to have a Husband wife team. Her work is incredible, she's a great person who finds ways to dive into others and teach/share her wealth of knowledge. Do yourself a favor and look her up!


Audra, dang all of her photos look like they escaped out of a magazine, out of some sort of fairytale. Do you want to feel like you belong on a magazine cover? Go with Audra. She's a solid choice. One of the things I like about her work is that she focuses on keeping her photos classic and timeless, something that is worthy of being held on to, treasured and passed down as heirlooms. Can't get much better than that.


Time to get some guys up in the mix. Sam Hurd. You may have heard of him. He is a pioneer of creative and artistic approach to photography. His style is distinct, a result of both his unrelenting commitment to his craft and complete trust from clients who commission him. I mean, just look at his photo here, he screams artistic. The perfect balance between creative experimentation and honest documentation. Look at his stuff. It's different than a lot, if not majority of the options out there which is why he is highly sought after.


Eli Turner, he's got a lot of work published, editorials. His work is creative, punchy, distinguished. Working with him is a breeze, his personality is so easy going and calm but gets what he needs. His demeanor brings a sense that everything is taken care of. He knows what to do and how to do it. Look over his work and see for yourself.

Well, I'm just going to stick to 6 for now. Feel free to reach out if you want more suggestions but this should be a good place to start! There are so many more!

Good luck out there!