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Washington DC Wedding Videographer // Natalia and Pablo at the National Cathedral

I asked Natalia what it was that made her choose to have a wedding film. She said they love old classic romantic films and how they always feel like home movies. They also love how film feels much more natural, has so much detail, and is timeless.

Natalia said she loved how I tell a story with my films. The classic style paired with dynamic and captivating imagery is what caught her eye compared to other DC Wedding Video brands.

One film that they were drawn to was "The District" which was at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium back in 2019. Being drawn to the classic films, they were interested in something that didn't have as much audio but focused more on music.

Natalia and Pablo love to go on walks in the city, the Georgetown area was their spot before Covid. While exploring the city they are always finding new places to dine.

The proposal was at 2941 on the afternoon of Sunday, February 24, 2019. Pablo had the restaurant open on this day (closed on Sundays) just for the proposal. He also arranged for the family (parents and siblings) to be there. They were actually in the kitchen peaking out a small window until after the proposal. Natalia knew something was going on the minute the host was leading us to the back area of the restaurant when there were plenty of tables he could seat us at in the front!

It has always been a dream of Natalia's to get married at the Washington National Cathedral. They were so excited and could not wait to see all the crazy footage we got here. This was probably the part they were most excited to see in their wedding film. Choosing the Daughters of American Revolution for the reception was easy for them because of the cozy feel the O'Byrne Gallery has for an intimate dinner. They love hosting Easter, Christmas, birthdays, and many other special occasions at their house and so they wanted it to still feel like this, but the evening of course will feel much more elevated! The detail in the walls and ceiling of the gallery is so beautiful and makes it feel like the elegance and beauty in classic films. Even the big main doors of the DAR and the big window doors under the Portico.

Natalia and Pablo wanted to create an unforgettable day for their guests. showcasing all the detail that was put into their wedding, and also hope they feel all the elegance, beauty, and love. Natalia describes herself as - Equally introvert and extrovert. Shy, but dreams big! Loves everything and anything classic, vintage, and romantic.

Pablo - Serious, but super charismatic! Handsome - Natalia has been dreaming of him in a tuxedo for years! Also a classic and romantic guy!

The shot of Natalia walking in the cathedral down the aisle with the expanse of the interior and awesomeness of the architecture was one thing that she mentioned she really wanted to see in her film and being able to capture that and really draw everyone's focus to that was the goal.

Planning was done by the ever talented Lauryn Prattes. Photography by Melissa Ryan Photography Make up by Carl Ray. Hair by Remona. Flowers by Floral and Bloom

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